KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Big Battle at the Stag Lord's Keep

The attack is plannned out!
Our Kobold allies will attack the Keep from the North, to draw off as many bandits as possible,
Durring the battle we will sneak across the craggy approaches from the west,
using scrolls of “hide from undead” to avoid the undead guardians/alarms.
We will then storm the Keep and take out the Stag Lord!

The plan works wonderfully, as the kobolds, after a rather ineffectual missile exchange, charge in using dirty tricks and slaughter the bandits to the man!
(Go Kobolds!)

We are able to infiltrate to the walls of the keep,
where multiple buff spells are thrown,
then over the walls!!

Most of the party makes it up and over, except Chloe who is invisible and starts around to the gate,
but Villi makes a heroic and dashing leap from the walls to the inner keep, attacking a group of archers who were preparing to pelt the party.

Chloe’s earth elementals run rampage amongst the soon pulped Bandits,
while a fire elemental starts burning the walls to distract more of the bandit bravos.

A massive rolling swarm melee ensues, as the useful party members deal death by the round, and Es’Lauren tries to make it over the walls.
Bandits, archers, and an OwlBear continue their attack on the party.
Villi continues his running battle on the inner keep’s battlements, cutting down another group of archers, and then finds the Stag Lord himself!
Villi lets out a battle cry that even our civilized characters recognize as a “Got Him!!” yell,
and enters combat with the Stag Lord, as the rest of the party tries to get in to help him.

Es’Lauren manages to get close enough to see the Stag Lord, and manages to cast Doom on him,
hoping to keep Villi alive for a few rounds more, untill the remainder of the fighters arive.
She also manages to cast Command-Drop, causing the Stag Lord to drop his bow, saving Villi from more magic arrow mayhem.
Finn adds in a hex, further lowering the Stag Lords saves, which allows Es’Lauren to cast Hold Person successfully!
Villi and hackers league recognize the advantage, and all start hacking on the Stag Lord, who fails his save again on the following round, and is Held Person (Hold Personed?) for the final round. as the Hackers League reduce the Stag Lord to a dieing hulk…
as he expires, the Stag Lord moans a lament that he will now never again see the Godess who started him on this path.

The Earth Elementals go downstairs in the inner keep, and find an old decrepit druid, the Stag Lords father, who is quickly converted to blood pudding.

The great nemesis of the green belt is felled, and while standing over him, some of the same mystic mythic power we have seen before flows from the Stag Lords dead body into the canoptic jar held by Villi.


dakonofrath Chris_Swearingen

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