KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

I write.

I write.

I have a time to write a note. I have learned this much from Mal. I am glad that the Stag Lord fell – he slaughtered and slaved. This is not bad, but he did this for his wealth, and not for honour, or revenge. He came close to sending me to my father. My friends kept me alive. Eslauren is a woman worth having children on. We got our revenge by destroying his men, destroying his wealth, and assaulting his fortress. Finally, we took his head, and he fell beneath our blades and spells. This is good as we took fame, and plunder from him, we took his fortress and are making it our own.

Gorum knows my strength – he gave it to me to use. He did not prepare me for death, which came too close to taking me. Eslauren says Shelyn would shield me, and sing me to the other side, and give me sweetness for all time. But if I do not take these things with my strength, then what sweetness would they be for me? How could I enjoy these things? Erastil, the Lord of the Forests and Hunt – he understands the need for strength and for the struggle to take that which one would have. And yet, he understands the need to protect the young and weak lest their destruction cause ruination for nature and it’s balance. I shall enjoy all of them – Gorum’s strength in battle, Shelyn’s love of the fruits of pleasure, but shall also call on Erastil for the right of defense of the weak and helpless. It will be so.

We have brought back from death Krato, now called Kratina – she was returned to us by Erastil’s grace in a stronger form, and one well worth siring children on. They would be strong, and smart. I will consider this.

Upon the death of the Stag Lord, I appear to have been gifted by the gods with something that I do not understand, but it appears to be a mark of their favour. I shall go into the forest and look for a sign. But then, perhaps this IS the sign. It must be so. I call upon the name of Gerd, my father, for guidance. And I shall devote myself to the creation of this new place. This freehold.

May the gods and my father guide me.


dakonofrath JonathanWeiss

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