KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

I write again.

I have begun to embrace my time in the forest, with Erastil’s guidance. But something has happened. I feel… different. My anger has always been there, a guide and a focus for me, but now there’s a strange… hunger. I am more comfortable than ever in the forests, and my senses have gotten sharper. I see more easily in the moonlight than ever I had before, and I can smell the rut on a woman… This must be part of the sign of favour… But it is troubling. I have strange dreams, where I run in the night, and hunt. Where I call to my brothers and sisters and sing a song of unity and the chase, though I have no brothers, and my sisters were no hunters… I glory in the blood taste when I bring down my prey, and once, when I had this dream, I awoke deep in the forest, with blood on my lips, and a full belly. I am… not afraid, but cautious. Could this mean that my prayers are being despised? I must consult Jod…


dakonofrath JonathanWeiss

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