KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

The City State Grows

Over the month of early winter, the City State of Freehold expanded along the Skunk River into WoodsEdge, building a road from the capital into the woods, where a Sawmill was founded to assist in the harvest of wood from the NarlMarches Forest.

While exploring the territory, our Adventurers found Troll Spore! Tracks of 4 of the fould beasts were raiding in our new territory! We follow the tracks and plan for an ambush on the trolls, who seem to be hunting a small group of settlers.
We try to launch the attack before the trolls can attack the settlers, but the evil marauders are able to attack the settler’s camp just before we attack them from behind.
A bloody and fierce battle ensues, with Villi attacking close in, while the archers rain death into the hulking beasts, and Chloe’s summoned Earth Elementals keep the trolls pinned.
Alas, all the settlers were killed before we could stop the trolls, but Senestra finds one small 6 year old girl still alive, and brings her back to the camp.
After burning the trolls, and burying the fallen settlers, we head back to Freehold, with a new ward.

In the cold of Midwinter, the CityState expands up the Thorn River to the rapids where the old rope bridge had been. A road is laid along the eastern shore of the Thorn.

In the depths of the cold of winter, a plague strikes Freehold, and the populace is shaken, production falls while the people sequester themselves, and a quarantine is enplaced. The disease passes, but the effects still linger.

To help calm the populace and provide a respite from the depths of winters chill, a Brewery is also built in Freehold!


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