KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

The Founding of Freehold

Upon receipt of proof of the Stag Lord’s death,
Brevoy sends a messenger with papers confirming our right to found a new State in the GreenBelt lands.
Caravans soon follow, with settlers, material for construction, and a large safe box with funds to help start the first settlement.

We lead the caravans to the Old Keep on the shores of Tuskwater Lake,
and found the first settlement, Freehold, there.

The Republic of Freehold is founded!
A neutral good city-state.

Duties, positions, and titles are discussed and appointed to the various characters of our group,

Ruler-Premier Es’Lauren
Councilor Chloe
General Villi
Grand Diplomat Mal
“Heir” Kashikoi
High Priest Abarsis (Pharasma)
Magister Finn
Marshal Senestra
Royal Enforcer Alastrina
Spymaster Somar
Treasurer Kratina
Warden Arianrod

The Old Keep is rebuilt as a Castle, and the surrounding lands are soon cleared and prepared for settlement.
Within the Village, several housing areas are built, along with an Inn, and a Mill along the river.
Several families start farms in the immediate area as well.
We expand our territory, and lay claim to the lands along the Shrike River upriver to the lands around Sootscale’s Tribe and the Old Oak Top Silver Mine
A road is built along the northern shore of the Shrike River, with a Bridge at the ford where the Thorn River joins the Shrike, and ends at the Oak Top Silver Mine, which is re-opened, improved, and mining begun by the Kobolds.

We are also approached by a famous sculptor from Brevoy, who gifts us with a Monument Sculpture of the Death of the Stag Lord.,
and a group of more settlers wishes to start a settlement at the site of the Tatzlewurm’s lair, bringing that area into our claim and protection.

An auspicious start for the Republic of Freehold!


dakonofrath Chris_Swearingen

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