KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Troll Trashing

The party at the troll lair comes up with another cunning plan™,
we use a combination of burning oil, ghost sounds, and an illusion of a Fire Elemental to distract and (hopefully) frighten the trolls, allowing Alastrina to try to escape from the ritual she was about to be an ingredient in.
The ruse works, and Alastrina manages to escape to the cave mouth, as the remainder of the party fights off 3 trolls that come after us.
We manage to pull back from the cave mouth, and cast grease and mists in the entrance,
to insure our escape while the trolls immitate the Keystone Cops routine (google it)

We manage to make it back to Oleg’s,
but at the trading post are surprise attacked at night by a group of thugs out to collect the bounty on our heads (from the Stag Lord).
all the attackers are killed, amidst great battles and screeching eagles.


dakonofrath Chris_Swearingen

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