KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Troll Tromp

Our hunting party sets out for exploration, and in hopes of finding the Trolls that have been infesting the area.
When we get to the Thorn River Bandit Camp (as seen previously), our scouts see a 12 man Bandit Raiding party in the camp!
We set a cunning ambush™ and are able to kill all but the leader, who was staggered and knocked out by Finn.
The leader is Akiros, a former paladin of Erastil, who fell from grace and joined the Stag Lord.
Despite this, he wants the Stag Lord dead, and would rather die than go back to the bandits.
We decide to take him to Jhod at the temple of Erastil, and allow them to decide on Akiros’ fate.

We journey on, and are ambushed by 3 massive Trolls!
Finn manages to intimidate one, while Kratina casts grease and fells another, and Aria and Villi charge in.
Two of the trolls are quickly killed, but the third grabs Alistrina and runs off with her.
We easily follow the trolls trail back to a cave complex that seems to be their lair,
but when we sneak inside, we find a further 10 trolls gatheres around a Troll Shaman who is conducting a ritual over Alistrina, and obviously has the same Mythic power aura as the Stag Lord! (Garbald the Great)

The other half of the party was exploring and finds a revanant guarding a river crossing, who wants the Stag Lord’s body, and will grant us treasure if we bring him the body


dakonofrath Chris_Swearingen

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