KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Winter is Here...

Season 2, Episode 2

2nd Month of Winter:

Freehold has laid claim to the Gold Mine enroute to Oleg’s,
but there has been rumor of new menace in that area,
so we gather, and go forth to purge and pacify!

Villi finds spoor of large wolves, FAR larger than normal than any wolf should be…
We set up an ambush, planning to catch the creatures by surprise,
for we think they are Winter Wolves, and evil as well as intelligent.
The heavy hitters (Villi, Somar, Senestra) head out to attack the 5 wolves we had tracked
to a small hillock, with Chloe and Alastrina in rear support.

All to no avail! Two further Winter Wolves spring on our rear party just as Villi leads the attack on the “5” we knew of…
Chloe is laid low by foul frosty breath attacks,
(luckily falling beneath the snow and out of sight of the Wolves)
In the ensuing melee, Villi kills 2 wolves, Somar kills 2 and also drives 1 off, and Senestra kills a further beast,
only one Winter Wolf remains alive to flee our attack.

The Mines are secured, and we leave the mining crew and road builders to their tasks, as we head home for rest and recuperation.

3rd Month of Winter

While resting and planning our next exploration and land claim,
we learn of a creature to the SouthWest, beleived to be a Hag,
that has been attacking and killing lonely travelers and children of the area.

We scout along the Western shore of Lake Tuskwater,
and find a small Hut with surrounding scarecrows,
evidently the lair of the Hag.

Chloe is angry and looking for a quick attack,
but calmer heads prevail,
and we approach as a diplomatic parley…
Much saber rattling and posturing ensues,
but we learn that this creature, Elga Verniax,
is NOT a Hag, and NOT evil!
She swears she has not attacked any children,
and wishes only to be left alone…
She agrees to a deal, whereby we agree to protect her claim and request,
while she promises to harm no citizen of Freehold, and to assist us as she can against the Trolls to the West.
She also asks our assistance to retrieve some mushrooms from the eastern shore of Tuskwater, that happen to be guarded by a Lockjaw Turtle.
(another Quest!) and promisses us assistance with scrying in payment.

We also identify the Crow familiar of Tartuk, the kobold(nee Gnome) sorcerer,
and warn Elga of his evil plans.


dakonofrath Chris_Swearingen

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