KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Bandit Bashing 101
Season 1 Episode 5

All our Charter Characters are reunited at Oleg’s,
and wild stories told of our exploits at the Elk Temple.
We discuss the need to raid the Bandit Base the helpful Fey told us about,
and start to lay plans.

Two new “Wanted” posters are up in Oleg’s as well;
1) Falgrim Sneed is a deserter and bandit with a bad rep,
and his return alive will be rewarded with 4 masterwork weapons from Kesten.
(2 if Sneed isn’t really alive anymore)

2) Oleg has offered a 600gp reward for an undamaged head of a Tatzlwyrm,
a race of serpent people who are in the Greenbelt and disrupting trade
(although Oleg really just wants a cool trophy/conversation piece)

The party sets out in force, expecting a big battle bashing bandits,
but first escorts Jhod to the Elk Temple of Erastil.
Johd seems very reserved and penetant once we arive at the temple,
and alludes to an old debt he is trying to repay…

We plan on scouting out the bandit camp from the NorthWest at night,
then attacking in and capturing the Bandit Base.
Mal cleverly lulls the guard to sleep, and he Senestra, and Somar infiltrate the
camp, avoiding traps laid near a cart, but are surprised themselves by unseen guards
who promptly skewer Mal with arrows and send Senestra running. Somar dives into cover
and starts to advance on the archers, as the hard hitters and casters of the team charge
into the camp. The bandit’s leader (the crazed female with the axes) charges towards the fray,
but is quickly killed by one of Chloe’s summoned Eagles.
Es’Lauren helps Mal put some of the guards down with Sleep spells,
then goes to channel energy and save Mal.
The remainder of the bandits are quickly dispatched, and 5 sleepy survivors are taken prisoner.

The prisoners tell us of The Stag Lord,
a massive fighter/archer who has managed to control and direct the bandits in the green belt.
They claim he is also a drunk, and not as powerful as he used to be.
They also state that there is an “Old Man” in the Keep who seems to have some control over The Stag Lord…

They tell us their current pass-phrase, then help by pulling the cart back to Oleg’s.

After returning to Oleg’s, we head East to visit Bokken,
a rather manic and mad potion maker and alchemist.
He asks for us to bring him some Fang Berries from the SouthWest
and he will give us a discount on potions for 1 month.

Kobold Kamp, Frolicking with Fey, and Bear Baiting
Season 1 Episode 4

Chloe, Finn, Lauren and Somar
rest up after ransacking the Mite Lair,
and await more of the party from Oleg’s.
Villi and Senestra soon join the party, and are caught up on the recent adventures.

The group of adventurer’s plans to head south to return the Kobold Idol to Chief SootScale as previously agreed to. On questioning, the surviving Kobold prisoner MikMak tells us that although his people know they are desedants of dragons, they know of no dragon within the Greenbelt. He states no-one knows what TarTuks’ god is, but it isn’t a dragon.

MikMak starts to lead us back to the Lair,
which is on/near a large rocky outcropping. While approaching the lair the party finds an old sign engraved with “Oak Top Silver Mine”, which points to the Kobold Lair entrance.
Upon the outcrop is also a Kobold that has been tied spread eagle to the rocks.
He is obviously dead, and has turned a sickly yellow color.
MikMak tells us this is the curse of TarTuk, as the other kobold that died of the curse had also turned this color.
Chloe quickly looks over the body, and is sure there is no poison involved.
Finn studies the corpse with Detect magic, and finds out that the body has been affected bya spell, shamanic in origin, similar to Prestidigitation.
Lauren uses her own Prestiditation to return the kobold to his true color.
As soon as she does so, several kobold guards (that were watching us from hiding) come out to the party in rapt awe and elation, swearing to help us as we have broken the curse.
The Ivory Idol is presented to the tribe, to prove we have completed our part of the bargain.
Chief SootScale is quickly summoned, and takes the Idol, smashing it into pieces.
The tribe cheers and starts calling for TarTuk’s head. SootScale sends a party of Kobolds to grab TarTuk, but the wiley shaman avoids them and manages to escape.

We are addopted by the Kobold Tribe and made “family”, their highest honor.
SootScale agrees to take the Tribe south of the Shrike River, to hunt the remaining Mites and watch the river, while promising never to attack humans or interfere with their trading. Villi outfits the Chief with steel weapons as a gift and show of Familial Assistance, further cementing the Alliance.

After a night of celebration, the party heads back North towards Oleg’s.
On the way, we are attacked by some small evil Fey with disturbing green lines on them.
(They are later identified as Unsealie Fey)
One of them is killed, and while searching for the other, Finn discovers a tunnel entrance that leads to a small chamber, the walls of which are laced with veins of gold!
(Score 2!! Silver and Gold mines in our area!)

The remainder of the return to Oleg’s Post is uneventful,
and the party rests up while telling tales of our adventures to Oleg, Jhod, Kesten, and the others.
We are rewarded for removing both the Mites and the Kobolds from the area,
and for making part of out agreement with them that they would not attack any humans.

Jhod, the priest of Erastil,
tells us that there is an old, deserted and desecrated temple of the Elk somewehere nearby to the west, and that if we can reclaim and clense it, he will provide us with whatever spells we need for the rest of his life.

Lauren, Villi, Finn, and Senestra head west to explore the woods!
We see many tracks and find several animal traps in the woods;
Senestra says they had been planted by a master trapper.
Soon we are accosted by a pair of playful Fey, a Grig (Tig) and a Fairy Dragon (Pervalish),
but they have no trace of the malicious greenish coloration of the UnSealie,
and are soon happy to sit and talk with the party.
They tell us they know of both the Bandits to the SouthEast, and the Elk Temple
to the South. They say the Temple is guarded by a corrupted and evil Giant Bear.

We travel South, and soon find the Temple, nestled in the woods and hill with a large foul pond in front of it.
As we are preparing plans for the exploration of the area,
a huge Bear attacks from the undergrowth, charging down on us in our surprise round!
Villi braces his spear but is unable to skewer the beast, which charges directly into Finn.
Finn and the Bear strike at almost the exact same time, killing each other in a bloody brutal brief clash!
Luckily, Finn is only dieing, not Truely Dead™, and Lauren is able to save and revive him with her healing powers.(again)

party loot for the combined adventures comes to:
2 Platunum
338 Gold
433 Silver
1240 Copper
for each character involved in the last 2 weeks

Mal is given a Wand of Magic Missiles from TarTuk’s stash (Level 3, 25 charges)
Sumar gets magic Bracers of +1 Armor
Senestra gets a pair of Boots of Elven Kind
Lauren gets 7 crossbow quarrels +1/Flamming

we still have a masterwork Cold Iron sickle (hidden from the Good Fey, please)
a masterwork small metal shield
and 1 dose of Dust of Illusion
there is also TarTuks journal, but it is written in Undercommon

Mitey Armies
Season 1, Episode 3

While the party is restocking at Oleg’s, 2 more groups of travelers appear.

The first is a priest of Erastil, Jhag Kavken, a welcome diety for forming a community.

The second party is a group of 3 Men At Arms from Brevoy, led by Kesten Garess,
a hard looking warrior sent to assist Oleg against the bandits.
Kesten tells the group that there is now a bounty on the heads of the bandits,
and 6 confirmed kills will earn 400 gp. (the ones already killed do not count)

Oleg also has a mission for the party. During the bandit raids, Svetlana was forced to hand over her wedding ring to the bandits. Oleg promises a hefty reward for its return, vowing “10,000 gp worth of trade credit” for the return of his wife’s ring.

Somar, Finn, Chloe, and Lauren set forth to attack the Mite lair and recover the kobold idol.
Although there are some misgivings at helping evil kobolds, wiping out a nest of evil Mites and driving out the remaining kobolds seems a valid trade off.

Somar is able to scout the Mite’s lair, an old Elm tree on the plains, and a plan is laid to attack the lair while half of the Mites are out on errands and tasks.
Somar leads us into the tunnels under the rotting tree, and stumbles upon a nest of giant centipedes and the Mite’s shaman. The party is able to defeat the foul vermin, but the alarm had been raised.
As the party continues down the tunnels, an ambush is sprung and waves of frenzied Mites attack, including the Mitey leader on a giant Tick (not blue). The fight is brutal and a near run event, as both Finn and Somar are knocked out of action, Eddie the Eidelon and celestial eagles hold off one group of Mites, and even Chloe is forced into hand to hand combat. Lauren’s ability to channel energy revitalizes the party at the last minute,
allowing the heroes to finish off the remaining Mites and Tick.

As we explore the remaining tunnels, we find the stolen kobold idol, a carved statue of ivory (estimated at 250gp), a crude map of the area on a sand table, and a chasm between us and several Kobold prisoners.

While crossing the chasm, Somar is attacked by an even bigger giant centipede, which is quickly overpowered by the Gang of Four.

Only one of the Kobold prisoners is still alive,
and he (it?) tells us that Tar Tuk the shaman had recently come to their lair, somehow taken power from their chieftain Soot Scale, and forced the Kobolds to worship “Old SharpTooth” via his idol. The Kobold states the tribe wants to be rid of TarTuk (as he is a purple Kobold, not their color) and vows to assist the party however he can.

The Gang of Four thinks TarTuk needs to be captured and questioned, as there is concern Old SharpTooth may be a Draco somewhere in the Greenbelt…

Radish Patch Kids
Season 1 Episode 2

Several more adventurers with mandates arrive at Oleg’s,
bringing the party to 9. Oleg’s Trade Post is getting a little more secure.

Two of the bandits are executed as per our mandate, while a third, a young 16 year old named Norman, repents of his ways and agrees to serve Oleg for 10 years as an indentured servant.
Svetlana immediately takes to the boy. (In a motherly way)

Svetlana asks for some volunteers to travel south to a patch of intoxicating radishes,
and we set out to start exploring the area!
The party arrives at the patch to find 4 kobolds eating and lounging, and a quick fight ensues.
All the kobolds are killed, but Villi is able to track their path back towards their lair.

The party boldly advances to the Kobold lair, taking them by surprise.
The Kobolds tell us of the presence of evil Mites nearby, and state the Mites have stolen the sacred idol of the Kobold Shaman (TarTuk).
The Kobold leader Soot Scale tells the party that he will take his group and leave the area if we can return the idol to them.

The party is now running low on food despite fresh venison from Senestra, so heads back to Oleg’s to regroup and then deal with the Mites.

Arrival at Oleg's Trading Post
Season 1 Episode 1


The heroes arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post and were greeted warmly by Svetlana Leveton; co-owner of the trading post with her husband Oleg. Svetlana offered to feed them and help them settle in, all the while thanking them for agreeing to assist with bandit troubles. The heroes had no idea what she was talking about, but agreed to assist anyways.

Meanwhile Oleg was treating them gruffly but was willing to give the heroes any information they needed. The heroes learned the following:

  • The bandits had been taking their “taxes” for 3 months.
  • When the bandits first arrived there were over a dozen of them and a scary lady with two hand axes.
  • The Levetons have not seen the axe lady since the first encounter and the bandits have come with less and less men each time they come to collect their “taxes”.
  • One hooded bandit with a bow acted as the leader. Oleg suspects he’s some sort of lieutenant.

The heroes surprised the bandits and killed the hooded bandit. They managed knock out three bandits and tied them up to interrogate them.

Important Notes

  • Svetlana offered the heroes free room and board at the outpost while they scout the Savage Lands. This makes the outpost the perfect base of operations for buying and selling goods found in the wilderness. It also is a good place to recover from the dangers in the wild as well as gather information from other travelers in the area.
  • Finn completely disregarded the plan as laid out by the bard. How will the rest of the party handle this? Is some sort of leadership system needed? Is the bard even worth listening to?
  • Oleg gifted the heroes with 50gp, a potion of Cure Light Wounds, and a potion of Shield of Faith +2 for taking care of the immediate bandit problem. He suspects the bandits will be back but that they will take time to regroup and by then he’ll have reinforcements from Restov.
  • The heroes claimed all the gear on the bodies of the bandits and stripped the gear from the three they captured. Oleg claimed the eight horses for himself as the heroes did not claim them. He is willing to sell them to the heroes if they wish.
  • The heroes still need to interrogate the surviving bandits for information.
  • The heroes earned 145xp each.
Charter in Hand
An Introduction

The stench of Restov slowly gives way to the sweet smell of the grasslands as your horse meanders south toward your destination. You reach into your surcoat and pull out the worn parchment. Elegantly scribed upon the page are the words of your charter.

“The Swordlords of Restov are calling upon any able-bodied persons who are brave enough to venture into the Stolen Lands to the south. Riches and glory abound to those who are able to tame the savage lands and restore the land in the name of the crown.” The crier held a scroll aloft as he shouted from the platform erected in the square. Next to the platform a solid yet squat table rested in the mud. Seated at that table a surly looking dwarf was taking down the names of those who signed up in a large ledger. He then grunted and handed them their charter, waving them off so he could take down the name of the next person in line.

You don’t know why you got in line but you did. Now you stare at the unfurled scroll in your hands, staring the unknown in the face. Will you find the riches and glory promised? Why did you even get in line in the first place? It’s a long ride you Oleg’s Trading Post. You figure you have time to figure it out. And besides, who knows who you’ll meet along the way. All you do know is that you are about to embark on a grand adventure. Will it be glory? Or a shallow grave? You’ll know soon enough.


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