Bonus Experience Options

Here is a list of bonus XP that can be earned and how much you can earn. This list will grow and change as needed, so don’t consider it complete.

Completely fill out Obsidian Portal character sheet – 100xp for that character

  • All sections of the character sheet must be filled out
  • Including all details and descriptions
  • Character background optional

Update Your Obsidian Portal Character – 100xp for that character

  • Every time you level
  • Every time a major change occurs to your character
  • Every time you gain a significant change in gear

Write a character background – 50-200xp for that character

  • A basic background of a few sentences is worth 50xp
  • A detailed background of several paragraphs is worth 100xp
  • A detailed background of several pages and/or including several images is worth 200xp

Update the Adventure Log -100xp/update to any character

  • Add pictures and/or links – additonal 100xp
  • example:

Draw a PC or an NPC – 200xp to any character per drawing

  • Color is worth an additional 100xp
  • Draw the map – 50xp/game session
  • Only valid on sessions where the party explores hexes

Write a Journal – 50-200xp/entry to relevent character

  • Alternately write letters to home, church, friend, etc
  • XP value varies based on details, links and images

Add to the wiki – 100xp/entry to any character

  • Add a picture, banner or other image
  • Add information about kingdom, surrounding area, or other relevent topics for the campaign

Do something else creative – variable XP

  • make a model, draw a map, build a custom wet erase board, cook some kind of game related food, make up a holiday for ingame, add in some way to the world. Use your creativity.

Bonus Experience Options

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