Oleg's Trading Post

  • A1 – Market Yard
  • A2 – Guesthouse
  • A3 – Stable
  • A4 – Storage Pen
  • A5 – Middens
  • A6 – Main Hall
  • A7 – Dining Room
  • A8 – Office
  • A9 – Stockroom
  • A10 – Storeroom
  • A11 – Bedroom

Oleg’s Trading Post is run by Svetlana Leveton. She took over running the trading post when her husband Oleg Leveton was killed by the Stag Lord during a bandit raid.

The trading post is the only semblance of civilization within the Stolen Lands. It is currently used as a base of operations for many trappers and adventurers.

Outpost Structures

Stable – gold pieces +20 /goods +16 / +2 fort vs disease

  • Animal pen (Goods +8) – One animal pen can support 1 Large, 2 Medium, 4 Small, or 8 Tiny or smaller creatures, providing them with water and shelter.
  • Farmland (Gold Pieces +10) – Empty land surrounding the outpost. Svetlana charges a small fee to trappers who want to camp inside the outpost walls
  • Lavatory – The sanitation improvement from having a Lavatory mean residents, guests, employees, and others who frequent the building gain a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves to resist contracting a disease while in the settlement.
  • Office – This simple room includes a door with a simple lock, a chair, and a large desk that has two drawers with simple locks. An office affords its user privacy and a refuge from other activity in the building.
  • Stalls x2(Goods +8, Gold Pieces +8) – A Stall is a place to keep 1–2 horses or other Large domestic animals. It contains gates, feed troughs, feed, and straw.
  • Storage (Gold Pieces +2) – Small room where Svetlana stores goods for sale or trade.

Watchtower – +1 init and perception / gold pieces +8

  • Bunk (Gold Pieces +8) – Living quarters for 10 guards or guests
  • Gatehouse (DAMAGED)- Any defender using the Gatehouse’s defenses gains a +1 bonus on initiative checks and on Perception checks against intruders at the Gatehouse.


Svetlana Leveton
Kesten Garess
Norman Clershikov

Improvements and Modifications

  • Mini-Forge – A basic anvil and troth of water. This forge provides the basic tools needed to craft weapons or armor. It lacks the proper equipment to craft masterwork items.


  • Wooden Palisade – DC 15 Climb to scale the walls
  • Catapult, Light(four, one at each corner) – exotic weapon (siege engine) 4d6 damage 200 foot range requires 2 people to fire. DC 10 str to reload. Two catapults damaged

Oleg's Trading Post

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