Temple of the Elk

  • Source – Jhod Kavken
  • Task – Find the lost temple of the Elk and cleanse it
  • Reward – Jhod agrees to provide all of his spellcasting for free to the PCs for life (with the exception of expensive material components, which the PCs must still supply).
  • Status – Completed

The Sacred Statue

  • Source – Chief Sootscale
  • Task – Retrieve the kobold’s sacred statue from the clan of Mites that dwell in the Old Sycamore.
  • Reward – Topaz worth 500gp and alliance with kobold clan
  • Status – Completed

Moon Radish Soup

  • Source – Svetlana Leveton
  • Task – Pick enough Moon Radishes for Svetlana to make into a soup for Oleg
  • Reward – 250gp and reputation increase with Svetlana
  • Status – Completed

Svetlana’s Ring

  • Source – Oleg Leveton
  • Task – Find and return Svetlana’s wedding ring. It was taken by bandits 3 months ago. The ring is made of brass with a single pearl in it.
  • Reward – 1,000gp in credit at Oleg’s Trading Post
  • Status – Completed

Kobolds in the Hill

  • Source – Kesten Garess
  • Task – Clear out the Kobold lair and deal with the kobold threat to the region.
  • Reward – 800gp from Restov
  • Status – Completed

Wanted: Bandits

  • Source – Wanted Poster at Oleg’s Trading Post
  • Task – Proof of the death or defeat of at least six bandits
  • Reward – 400gp from Restov
  • Status – Completed

Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg

  • Source – Kesten Garess at Oleg’s Trading Post
  • Task – Mercenary who betrayed Kesten fled into the Greenbelt to become a bandit. Bring him back dead or alive.
  • Reward – Four masterwork weapons if captured alive. Two masterwork weapons if dead.
  • Status – In Progress

Gathering Fangberries

  • Source – Crazy old Bokken
  • Task – Bokken’s something of an eccentric, but he sure knows how to make delicious potions. His secret is fangberry juice, but he’s running low. A large thicket of fangberries grows about 55 miles southwest of Oleg’s.
  • Reward – Bokken gives the PCs a 25% discount on all potions for a month.
  • Status – Completed

Wanted: Tatzlwyrm

  • Source – Wanted poster at Oleg’s Trading Post
  • Task – Bring Oleg the undamaged head of a Tatzlwyrm for reward.
  • Reward – 600gp reward from Oleg for undamaged head.
  • Status – In Progress

Wanted: Tuskgutter

  • Source – Vekkel Benzen at Oleg’s Trading Post
  • Task – Bring Vekkel the head of Tuskgutter
  • Reward – Vekkel has promised his masterwork longbow and six +1 animal bane arrows to whoever can kill Tuskgutter. He also promises to share the head cheese he plans to make out of this trophy.
  • Status – In Progress


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