Sootscale Tribe

The Sootscale tribe of kobolds live within the Greenbelt. The name of the tribe changes with each chief. The current chief’s name is Sootscale, thus the current tribe name. For years the tribe engaged in minor skirmishes with a clan of Mites that lived in a hollow sycamore tree about 20 miles away. The minor skirmishes turned into a full fledged war when a new shaman arrived.

Tartuk took control of the Sootscale kobolds by telling them that they must show reverence to an old kobold god known as Snarltooth. Tartuk told the kobolds that only he could protect the tribe from the wrath of Snarltooth. To prove this, Tartuk used Prestidigitation to turn a dead kobold yellow and then he blamed it on the curse. Fear overtook the tribe and they fell in line with Tartuk.

The tribe suffered heavy losses as Tartuk scaled up the conflict with the Mites. However their war came to a quick end when the adventurers exploring the Greenbelt found the Mite’s den and slaughtered the majority of the Mites. They learned of Tartuk and decided to help Sootscale free his tribe.

Tartuk fled into the forest and Sootscale regained control of the kobold tribe. He made peace with the adventurers. In exchange for letting the kobolds remain in the silver mine they agreed not to attack any local humans. They also agreed to provide militia support should the adventurers need it.

Tribe Information

Location: Old Silver Mine within the Greenbelt
Resources: abandoned mine (needs BP cost to build but not to clear)

Army: Kobold Army (Warrior 1)

  • Size: Huge (500 troops)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Hit Points: 11
  • ACR: 2
  • DV: 12
  • OM: +2
  • Tactics: Dirty Fighters
  • Special: Darkvision, Light Sensitivity
  • Speed: 2
  • Consumption: 2

Army Commander: Chief Sootscale (Rogue 3)

  • Charisma Modifier: +1
  • Morale Bonus: +1
  • Leadership: 4
  • Boons: Bonus Tactic – Expert Flankers

Sootscale Tribe

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