The Stag Lord Bandits

The wild region south of Brevoy is known as the Stolen Lands. Also commonly called the Greenbelt, this fertile region is uncivilized. As a result the land is teaming with bandits. Yet within the wild chaos of the Stolen Lands there is a unifying voice; the bandit leader known as the Stag Lord.

Where he came from remains a mystery. What is known is that as a child he was raised by a crazed druid who used to beat him and leave him in the wild. His teenage years are unknown. He emerged from the wild and began directing a local group of bandits. His charisma, power, and ferocity earned him the respect of the various bandit groups.

Slowly over several years the bandits coalesced under the Stag Lord’s rule. His fame peaked when he found his now infamous stag helm within the ruins of an old keep. He turned the ruins into his home and claimed the Stolen Lands as his domain.

Bandit Information

Location: Hillside on edge of Tuskwater Lake
Resources: Half BP cost of building castle

Army: Bandit Raiders (Fighter 2)

  • Size: Medium (100 troops)
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Hit Points: 5
  • ACR: 1
  • DV: 11
  • OM: +1
  • Tactics: False Retreat
  • Special: Bravery +1
  • Speed: 1
  • Consumption: 2
  • Equipment: Ranged Weapons (crossbows and bows)

Army Commander: Dovan from Nisroch (Rogue 3)

  • Charisma Modifier: +1
  • Morale Bonus: +0
  • Leadership: 4
  • Boons: Merciless

The Stag Lord Bandits

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