KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Bandit Bashing 101

Season 1 Episode 5

All our Charter Characters are reunited at Oleg’s,
and wild stories told of our exploits at the Elk Temple.
We discuss the need to raid the Bandit Base the helpful Fey told us about,
and start to lay plans.

Two new “Wanted” posters are up in Oleg’s as well;
1) Falgrim Sneed is a deserter and bandit with a bad rep,
and his return alive will be rewarded with 4 masterwork weapons from Kesten.
(2 if Sneed isn’t really alive anymore)

2) Oleg has offered a 600gp reward for an undamaged head of a Tatzlwyrm,
a race of serpent people who are in the Greenbelt and disrupting trade
(although Oleg really just wants a cool trophy/conversation piece)

The party sets out in force, expecting a big battle bashing bandits,
but first escorts Jhod to the Elk Temple of Erastil.
Johd seems very reserved and penetant once we arive at the temple,
and alludes to an old debt he is trying to repay…

We plan on scouting out the bandit camp from the NorthWest at night,
then attacking in and capturing the Bandit Base.
Mal cleverly lulls the guard to sleep, and he Senestra, and Somar infiltrate the
camp, avoiding traps laid near a cart, but are surprised themselves by unseen guards
who promptly skewer Mal with arrows and send Senestra running. Somar dives into cover
and starts to advance on the archers, as the hard hitters and casters of the team charge
into the camp. The bandit’s leader (the crazed female with the axes) charges towards the fray,
but is quickly killed by one of Chloe’s summoned Eagles.
Es’Lauren helps Mal put some of the guards down with Sleep spells,
then goes to channel energy and save Mal.
The remainder of the bandits are quickly dispatched, and 5 sleepy survivors are taken prisoner.

The prisoners tell us of The Stag Lord,
a massive fighter/archer who has managed to control and direct the bandits in the green belt.
They claim he is also a drunk, and not as powerful as he used to be.
They also state that there is an “Old Man” in the Keep who seems to have some control over The Stag Lord…

They tell us their current pass-phrase, then help by pulling the cart back to Oleg’s.

After returning to Oleg’s, we head East to visit Bokken,
a rather manic and mad potion maker and alchemist.
He asks for us to bring him some Fang Berries from the SouthWest
and he will give us a discount on potions for 1 month.


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