KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Gassy Wurms and Odd Happenings

Season 1 Episode 9

Traveling on, we find the lair of the Tatzylwyrm at a ford in the river,
but the Wyrm sees us at the same time!
One charges at the party while a second one starts out of the lair.
The lead Wyrm belches forth a cloud of noxious vapors at Aria,
but luckily she is smart enough to hold her breath and is unaffected by the gasses,
The Wryms claw attacks, however, find their mark and dig into Aria’s flesh.
The two Wryms are killed in a brief but bloody battle,
and Aria is struck down and lies bleeding,
to be rescues by Lauren (again).
Exploration of the lair reveals several bodies stuffed amongst the trees and brush,
one wearing a suit of Scale mail that shows no signs of tarnish or rot,
(again, we assume it is magic)
Villi suits up in the new armour, and finds that it is indeed magic (+1)!
We also find some gold, silver, gems, and a scroll case with a map of the area we just finished mapping.

The next day we explore out onto the plains, and find a glade with some long ruined buildings,
and the Statue of Erastil, which radiates strong magic.
Villi offers oblations to the statue, and is blessed with “Keen Edge” for 1 week.
The rogues investigate the statue, and find a secret compartment in the base!
Inside are 6 jars (canoptic in appearance), one of which is glowing and glimmering.

While the party is discussing the find,
Kashikoi opens the glowing jar, and is engulfed in a cloud of brillient energy,
which then seems to absorb into him, and erupt forth again from mouth and ears and eyes,
while he floats several feet above the ground!
He has been blessed by the power of the devine, and is now Mythic!

At the same time as Kashikoi drops to the ground and regains consciousness,
a meteor streaks overhead, crashing into the woods to the south.
An obvious omen, so we head back south to try to find the star stone.

We are able to find the impact site of the meteor,
where we find a medium sized but VERY lightweight stone of unknown matterial.
The impact crater is in the woods, and next to a foul smelling pond,
where a months dead unicorn also lies.
The unicorn’s horn has been ripped off, and examination of the body shows its
eyes are smokey white, indicative that the unicorn was blinded before its death.
Villi prepares a funeral pyre for the unicorn, and we help him.
The spirit of the unicorn ascends from the burning pyre, and tells us
“beware the purest corrupt beauty’, then says “she comes!”.
We discuss these odd happenings, and think this could be corrupted nymph,
so quickly head back north.

On the way back to Oleg’s, we discover a trapper, caught in his own deadfall, and dead for weeks at least. Investigations shows that someone seems to have tripped the trap while the trapper was finishing it.
Grigg appears and admits he had done this to protect the woodland animals.
On the body is a nice axe, and a sketch of Bokken,
so we figure this is Bokken’s brother, who Bokken wanted us to find.

Further up the river, we are attacked by a living amalgamation of plant life and decayed vegetation,
the Shambling Mound of Arrrrgggghhhh!
Another brief but deadly battle erupts, and the vegie-creature is diced sliced and minced,
but Aria lays dieing (again) and is saved by Lauren (again).

We return to the Temple of Erastil and tell Jhod of the statue we have found,
then procede to Oleg’s.
We collect the rewards for the Tatzlwyrms,
and start to examine the meteor.
While we are studying the rock,
it splits open and a magical energy coalesces into a Katana, which floats
stright to Finn’s hand! His Magus weapon has found him!


dakonofrath Chris_Swearingen

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