KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Mitey Armies

Season 1, Episode 3

While the party is restocking at Oleg’s, 2 more groups of travelers appear.

The first is a priest of Erastil, Jhag Kavken, a welcome diety for forming a community.

The second party is a group of 3 Men At Arms from Brevoy, led by Kesten Garess,
a hard looking warrior sent to assist Oleg against the bandits.
Kesten tells the group that there is now a bounty on the heads of the bandits,
and 6 confirmed kills will earn 400 gp. (the ones already killed do not count)

Oleg also has a mission for the party. During the bandit raids, Svetlana was forced to hand over her wedding ring to the bandits. Oleg promises a hefty reward for its return, vowing “10,000 gp worth of trade credit” for the return of his wife’s ring.

Somar, Finn, Chloe, and Lauren set forth to attack the Mite lair and recover the kobold idol.
Although there are some misgivings at helping evil kobolds, wiping out a nest of evil Mites and driving out the remaining kobolds seems a valid trade off.

Somar is able to scout the Mite’s lair, an old Elm tree on the plains, and a plan is laid to attack the lair while half of the Mites are out on errands and tasks.
Somar leads us into the tunnels under the rotting tree, and stumbles upon a nest of giant centipedes and the Mite’s shaman. The party is able to defeat the foul vermin, but the alarm had been raised.
As the party continues down the tunnels, an ambush is sprung and waves of frenzied Mites attack, including the Mitey leader on a giant Tick (not blue). The fight is brutal and a near run event, as both Finn and Somar are knocked out of action, Eddie the Eidelon and celestial eagles hold off one group of Mites, and even Chloe is forced into hand to hand combat. Lauren’s ability to channel energy revitalizes the party at the last minute,
allowing the heroes to finish off the remaining Mites and Tick.

As we explore the remaining tunnels, we find the stolen kobold idol, a carved statue of ivory (estimated at 250gp), a crude map of the area on a sand table, and a chasm between us and several Kobold prisoners.

While crossing the chasm, Somar is attacked by an even bigger giant centipede, which is quickly overpowered by the Gang of Four.

Only one of the Kobold prisoners is still alive,
and he (it?) tells us that Tar Tuk the shaman had recently come to their lair, somehow taken power from their chieftain Soot Scale, and forced the Kobolds to worship “Old SharpTooth” via his idol. The Kobold states the tribe wants to be rid of TarTuk (as he is a purple Kobold, not their color) and vows to assist the party however he can.

The Gang of Four thinks TarTuk needs to be captured and questioned, as there is concern Old SharpTooth may be a Draco somewhere in the Greenbelt…


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