KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Radish Patch Kids

Season 1 Episode 2

Several more adventurers with mandates arrive at Oleg’s,
bringing the party to 9. Oleg’s Trade Post is getting a little more secure.

Two of the bandits are executed as per our mandate, while a third, a young 16 year old named Norman, repents of his ways and agrees to serve Oleg for 10 years as an indentured servant.
Svetlana immediately takes to the boy. (In a motherly way)

Svetlana asks for some volunteers to travel south to a patch of intoxicating radishes,
and we set out to start exploring the area!
The party arrives at the patch to find 4 kobolds eating and lounging, and a quick fight ensues.
All the kobolds are killed, but Villi is able to track their path back towards their lair.

The party boldly advances to the Kobold lair, taking them by surprise.
The Kobolds tell us of the presence of evil Mites nearby, and state the Mites have stolen the sacred idol of the Kobold Shaman (TarTuk).
The Kobold leader Soot Scale tells the party that he will take his group and leave the area if we can return the idol to them.

The party is now running low on food despite fresh venison from Senestra, so heads back to Oleg’s to regroup and then deal with the Mites.


The heroes spent 5 days traveling. 2 of those days were spent exploring the Greenbelt the other 3 days were spent traveling through it without exploring.

They caught a deer in the woods on day 1 that gave them 4 days worth of rations. These rations are now almost exhausted and the heroes only have 1 days worth of food left.

The Mite’s Lair is 3 days from Oleg’s Trading Post on horseback.

Radish Patch Kids
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