KingMaker: Rise of the Dawn Lords

Werewolves and OwlBears and Bogards, oh my!

Season 1 Episode 8

While in Restov after arranging Krato’s reincarnation,
Our Gang is brought before the Sword Lords of Restov.
We are questioned about the Stag Lord, and charged with killing him and ridding the Greenbelt of his foul influence. The reward for doing so will be a Royal Charter to found a Colony,
and Right of Expanded Territory to claim.

We of course accept, and stock up on goods and magics unavailable in the wilderness.

Back at Oleg’s, we find a larger gathering of trappers,
as they have been driven from the woods by “the living forest” (a Shambling Mound we think),
and attacked by a pack of 3 Trolls.
Jhod tells us he has been having visions of a statue of Erastil somewhere to the west,
and asks us to find it so he can restore/protect it.

We also find out the Stag Lord is the son of a priest of Erastil,
who found his helmet in the Keep when he first started as a Bandit.

It is too soon, and we are too weak, to attack the Stag Lord yet,
so we arrange an exploration foray, in search of the Statue of Erastil.

Whaile traveling through the western woods and mapping the territory,
we are attacked one night by a pack of WereWolves!
The 4 shapechangers are killed, but Villi and Aria are badly mauled.
(But healed by Lauren)
The bodies and clothing appear to be of the River Kingdoms,
so hopefully there are no more Werewolves in the area.

Mapping still further to the West,
we find an ancient barbarian cairn,
long in disrepair.
Exploration yields us a carved wooden ring, with no signs of decay,
in the shape of an eel and frog…
none of us have the ability to detect magic, but we are convinced it is.

Back into the woods to the south, and we encounter Tig the Grigg and Perlivash the
Fairy Dragon again! We have a small party with them,
(Mead, wine, and sweets being their favorites)
and they tell us there is indeed a Shambling Mound in the area,
but also 3 Trolls rampaging about,
and an OwlBear further south that is attacking Kobolds of SootScale’s (our) tribe.
We ask about the Statue of Erastil, and they give us rough directions to it.
In the morning they are gone,
along with most of our mead,
and we head south to look for the OwlBear.

We come upon a marsh along the east side of the river,
inhabited by an odd creature we find out is a Bogard – a toad-like humanoid.
He also has a large pet/guard toad.
We arrange a truce with him, as he is banished from his tribe
in the RiverKingdoms due to him being peaceful.
He trades us some gems for steel and oil, and we head further south.

We find a pit trap, apparently dug for a large creature, with a
trapped phyloscene (tasmanian tiger) in it.
We manage to get it out by lowering trees it can climb up,
and it runs away just as a large OwlBear comes charging at us!
A brief fight ensues, and the creature is slain.
The claws and beak of the OwlBear are harvested, to be used in later scenes.


dakonofrath Chris_Swearingen

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