High Council of Freehold

A listing of the positions of power and those who hold them


Ruler – Primogen of the Council; Es’Lauren
highest-ranking councilor in the kingdom, above even the other kingdom leaders,
is expected to embody the values of the kingdom.
performs the kingdom’s most important ceremonies
*Makes Loyalty checks

Consort – none

Councilor – Chloe
liaison between the citizenry and the other kingdom leaders
make sure the Ruler is making decisions that benefit the kingdom’s communities and its citizens.
*In charge of Holiday edicts

General – Villi
the highest-ranking member of the kingdom’s military
responsible for looking after the needs of the military and directing the kingdom’s armies in times of war
*Kingdom checks for events requiring combat

Grand Diplomat ; Mal
in charge of the kingdom’s foreign policy.
responsibility to represent and protect the interests of the kingdom with regard to foreign powers.
*Diplomatic edicts (optional rule)

Heir – Kashikoi
The Heir’s time is mostly spent learning to become a ruler
also keeps him out of the way and (hopefuly) out of trouble

High Priest – ; vacant
tends to the kingdom’s religious needs and guides its growth.
*Holiday edicts, rolls to generate magic items from Cathedrals, Shrines, and Temples

Magister – Finn
oversees the governmental bureaucracy except regarding finance,
guides the kingdom’s higher learning and magic

  • Rolls to generate magic items not rolled by the High Priest

Marshal – Senestra
ensures that the kingdom’s laws are being enforced
responsible for securing the kingdom’s borders
*Exploration edicts (optional rule)

Royal Enforcer – Alastrina
deals with punishing criminals, dealing with wrongdoers,
working with the Marshal to capture fugitives

  • Loyalty checks to reduce Unrest or prevent Unrest increases

Spymaster – Somar
observes the kingdom’s criminal elements and underworld and spies on other kingdoms,
protect the interests of the kingdom at home and elsewhere through a network of spies and informants

  • Kingdom checks involving crime and foreigners

Treasurer – Kratina
in charge of the tax collectors and tracks debts and credits with guilds and other governments.
*Economy checks, Taxation edicts, Trade edicts (optional rule)

Viceroy – vacant

Warden – Arianrod
enforcing laws in larger settlements, as well as ensuring the safety of the kingdom leaders.
works with the General to deploy forces to protect settlements and react to internal threats.
*Stability checks


High Council of Freehold

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